Our Sparkling Story

Good Drop Wine Cellars is India’s first specialist sparkling wine producer. It all began when chartered accountant turned winemaker, Ashwin Rodrigues identified a niche in the blossoming Indian wine market.  After honing his skills in the craft of wine making from Australia’s famed Barossa Valley, Ashwin set out on a mission to produce quality wines that were great on value, but more importantly – suited to the Indian wine drinker.

Our winemaking journey began in 2011 with Rio Fizzy Wine being made at a contract winery. It was a fun and easy drinking wine and the first in the world to be bottled under a ring pull cap. Our philosophy that wine should be approachable and affordable was embodied in Rio, and it was an instant success.

Before long, our own state-of-the-art winery was set up in Nashik. The sprawling was facility built specially for sparkling wine production. A year later, India’s first Charmat method sparkling wine, Casablanca was launched. Then in 2015 we acquired the rights of Good Earth Winery to add still wines to our portfolio, making us a complete wine producer.

In the years that followed we have added many more wines to our portfolio, and today we have the largest range of sparkling wines in India. Our versatile range arms us to expand our reach by catering to customers across various demographics, wine categories, and price points. With a highly motivated team and a presence in twelve Indian states, Good Drop Wine Cellars is well on its way to redefining wine and wine drinking culture in India.

~Today we have the largest range of sparkling wines in India~

Our Sparkling story

Our Vision

To see India as a top wine producing and consuming nation.

Our Mission

To take wine to the Indian masses by making wine affordable,
approachable and fun.

Our Values

Process Oriented

We are a process-oriented organisation, that firmly believes in following all processes in a methodical manner that leads to cohesive teamwork, which ultimately enables us to achieve our end goals.

Ethics & Integrity

We take pride in the ethical values we hold our selves accountable to, and will never compromise on our integrity, having earned the trust of our partners, vendors, and customers.

Customer Commitment

We are on a constant pursuit of engaging with our customers to understand their needs and expectations, and are committed to ensuring highest quality assurance standards across all our product offerings.


We believe in a transparent and open communication culture, encourage diversity, and provide an equal opportunity platform for professional and personal development, through team engagement.

Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible and environmentally conscious organisation, we feel obligated to create a positive impact in the societies we operate in.


Ashwin Rodrigues, Founder

At Good Drop Wine Cellars, we believe that India has tremendous potential to be a quality producer of wines. The world is sitting up and taking note, as more and more serious drops come out of India. We see ourselves as the harbingers of this wine revolution. However, if the base of the industry has to grow, we not only need to make high-end wines, but produce quality and affordable wines that are suitable for the local palate. Good Drop Wine Cellars does exactly that, with a swirl of innovation.

Rio, our wine cooler brand, has taken wine to the masses by making it a fun beverage at a hundred rupees a pop. Our competitively-priced Casablanca is India’s only premium sparkling wine that is made using the Charmat method. It has won the Indian Consumer’s Choice Awards for four consecutive years (2015 – 2018), a testament to us listening to our consumer’s needs. The award-winning Frizzano Sparkling Wine, inspired by Italian bubblies made in the frizzante (gently sparkling) style is also from the house of Casablanca. More recently, we have acquired the ‘Good Earth Wines’ brand as part of our strategy to be a complete wine producer.

“I’m happy that we’re on course to fulfil our vision of seeing India as a top wine drinking and producing country one glass at a time.”

~Towards this philosophy we decided to place our bets on all things bubbly ~

Our Team