The Winery

A winery is the heart of a wine producer. In 2013 Good Drop Wine Cellars set up one of India’s most innovative wineries in Vinchur Wine Park, Nasik, designed for especially for sparkling wine production. A sprawling facility, it has a current tank capacity of 550,000 litres extendable to 2 million litres within the existing building. The entire building is a pre-fabricated structure using sandwich PUF panels, a first in India. The machinery is largely imported from Italy. The winery is equipped with a range of pressure vessels especially for Charmat, a method of sparkling wine production.

The Winery

The Vineyards

It is said that wine is made not in the winery by in the vineyard. This may sound romantic but at Good Drop we know it is the truth. ​ We don’t own our own vineyards but use contract farming. This ensures that we invest ​all​ our time and resources in ​developing knowledge and techniques of wine grape growing and sharing these with our farmers. We have a team of viticulturists that ensure exactly the same.