GDWC cares

People & Planet

Go Green Initiative

In our bid to support the climate change, Good Drop Wine Cellars has come up with a sustainable way by switching to paper labels and reducing the use of plastic labels. We believe going green is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint and help the planet. Also, we now have the Solar PV panels installed on the rooftop of our winery, which will help us to considerably reduce our energy consumption.

Our support in empowering the local community to become self-reliant

In our quest for societal development, we’ve adopted a village in Vishnu Nagar, Nashik Maharashtra. A small effort is being made to work along with the community at the ground level to empower the local community to become self-reliant.


Not only we take utmost care at each step of wine-making, we also make sure that we do no harm to the environment. Here’s a peek into our vineyards in Nashik where our guest Karen Anand, owner of GDWC Ashwin Rodrigues, along with our ever enthusiastic winery team, had a fun plogging session. Plogging is an international trend of picking up trash and jogging, we at Good Drop Wines believe that we should always care about our environment and give back to the mother nature.

Our step towards safe drinking water for Vishnu Nagar villagers

Here’s our whole-hearted attempt to make the world a better place to live in, one drop of water at a time. Good Drop Wine Cellars has set up a RO drinking water plant in Vishnu Nagar village, Nashik Maharashtra for the people with a scarcity of resources, something as basic as water.

Developing The Joy Of Learning

Education: Our benevolent founder Mr. Ashwin Rodrigues firmly believes in the importance of education. His vision of bringing quality education to rural India through technology has come to life through the help of eVidyaloka TrusteVidyaloka Trust focuses on educating children from the age group of 10-14 (4th to 8th grade) with the help of passionate volunteers, teachers from across the world, and Govt elementary schools in remote and rural villages in India.


The Miyawaki method, also called the potted seedling method, is an afforestation technique that uses native species to create dense, multilayered forests that grow quickly compared to natural forests.

Our founder Ashwin Rodrigues has taken the initiative to plant 1000 trees in 2,500 sq.ft at the Good Drop Wine Cellar Winery. This forest plantation will have 60 native species. A year from now – the forest will grow upto 10 feet and in 2 years it will be around 20 feet.

In a country like ours that has a high carbon footprint, measures must be taken to offset the same & planting Trees is an effective way to combat the same. The Miyawaki method is best because it accelerates the growth of forest.