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Frizzano Extra Dry Sparkling Wine

750.00 /750ml


Sparkling White Wine

Grape Variety Used

Chenin Blanc



Wine Closure



Light To Medium Bodied

Serving Temperature


Wine Style


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Frizzano sparkling wine is inspired by Italian bubblies and made in the frizzante (gently sparkling) style. Crafted in the celebrated Charmat method, it is available in crisp semi-dry, extra-dry and rosé variants. Only premium quality, aromatic wine grapes go into the winemaking process that includes secondary fermentation in a pressure-sealed environment. The result is an exquisite wine brimming with bubbly

Very smooth , having yeasty complex character with a hint of green apple and peach, light bodied wine with less alcohol

It pairs well with Cauliflower Tortellini, cauliflower couscous, burnt butter. Also goes well with hazelnut cake.

Excellent Wine and pairs perfectly with a sharp cheddar cheese.
Cyrus Bharucha