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Frizzano Italian Collection Rosato Sparkling Wine

450.00 /750ml


Rose Sparkling Wine

Grape Variety Used




Wine Closure

Screw Cap


Light To Medium Bodied

Serving Temperature


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Sparkling wines in Italy are a rich part of the local culture and life. From the crisp ‘n aromatic ‘Prosecco’ to the flavourful ‘Lambrusco’ and the fresh ‘n sweet ‘Asti’, Italian sparkling wines are varied, tasty, and inviting. Usually made in the frizzante (slightly sparkling) or spumante (fully sparkling) styles, they embody the celebratory spirit of the Italian life – La dolce vita. Popping an Italian bubbly is the perfect way to relax, socialise, and enjoy the good things in life.So, the next time you find yourself wanting to celebrate life’s simple pleasures grab a bottle from our ‘Frizzano Italian Collection’ of sparkling wines – A range of fine sparkling wines that are affordable, approachable, and fun…Saluti!!!

The smooth effervescence of this lovely pink sparkling wine is a delight to the senses. Made from Shiraz grapes, its floral aromas and delicate strawberry flavours capture the magic of a quintessential Italian rosé..

One of our favorite blocks from the Villenoir vineyard. This block tends to lift the aromatic character and soften the palate of our Cabernet Sauvignon. We are proud to offer this very limited and barrel selected wine as a stand alone block.

Excellent Wine and pairs perfectly with a sharp cheddar cheese.
Cyrus Bharucha